About Keith & Co.

Welcome to KeithNCo, a Quad Cities custom shirt printing company built around effective creative design and quality garment printing. We work with and support both individual and corporate clients with modern design and printing techniques, but more importantly, we have the passion to help our customers succeed and look good in ways others cannot!

KeithNCo was founded in 1997 in Princeton, Iowa with the aim of providing the best of the best custom garment design and printing for our customers. At present we are one of the most popular screen printing and apparel design companies located on the Mississippi River with most of our customers contacting us back to make follow-up orders or to work on new projects. We make shirts, sweats, athletic apparel, bags, and accessories and once you know you have an unforgettable event a call away, the world becomes a little more entertaining.

Born of our love for style and ink, KeithNCo aims to help Eastern Iowa, the Midwest, and the United States promote themselves through creative expression and responsibly-sourced, wrinkle-free cotton. Whether it be for employees at a large company function, fundraising stock for the local boosters, a new brand you want to launch, or funny shirts for a get-together with friends, getting custom designed quality screen printed apparel couldn’t be quicker or easier.

At KeithNCo, while we do eat sleep and breath pre-shrunk cotton, our veins still pump  red American blood. We’re here for you and want to help make everything you love more memorable with awesome accessories and t-shirts.  The interest and passion you share with your team, club, or group; the pride you feel for the event you are planning; the drive that makes your business stand out from its equals. We strongly believe that custom t-shirts and accessories do more than just make you look good- they serve as a physical memory of a time you cherished, which is bound to make you feel good too! We’re borderline master designers in our own right, but what really gets us up in the morning is helping you bring an idea stuck in your head out onto your sleeve. So, let’s get creative and make the world a brighter place.

We’re setting a new standard for custom printing through astonishing quality, quick delivery and remarkable designs.

Ever Wonder Who Makes Your Shirts?

Well, Here Are A Few Of Them!


Boss, Owner

Keith has been screen printing for twenty years and only just realized he’s has ink on his shirt the whole time. Informally trained in the arts of Garment-Based Lithography, he prides himself on attention to detail and unparalleled color-matching skills.


Logistics Manager

Deb combines her experience screen printing with Keith and her incessant OCD to help keep inefficiencies to a minimum in the ordering and delivery process so you get what you want as quick as possible. Often found in the office or over Keith’s shoulder.


Printing Technician

Chuck loves the automatic presses and how many garments they can run through but finds a certain Zen quality in printing by hand, carefully monitoring pressure and speed of the print. But he wouldn’t be able to do all the shirts today by hand and get home for GoT.


Printing Technician

Larry really hates suits and decided early on that he wanted to stay in tee shirts his whole life, so printing was bound to be a natural fit for him. He gets to wake up each morning, put on a tee shirt before he goes to work, and makes a shirt for the next day before leaving.